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Menswear trends for autumn

New Exciting Menswear Trends For Autumn in last time written by: risikanta While all the ladies are dolling up for every season in the year, men and gents should also not stay away from the action. There are a lot of new trends that are coming up for autumn this year and they are all exciting and refreshing enough in their design and style. So, now that summer is expected to be over the next few months, it is time for you to hit the shopping centre and browse for the new and exciting fashionable wear for men. Here is a better look at all the intriguing stuff coming out this fall.   Cosy Corduroy Autumn can be a rather...

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9 Latest Spring-Summer Fashion Trends for Men’s T-Shirt

Fashion trends change every year, in fact every season. The best thing about men’s fashion is that t-shirts are always in. There are different types of funky, hipster or cool printed t-shirts that one can always experiment with. Since the spring-summer collection is coming now, here are some of the latest fashion trends for men to follow this season. You can of course experiment different styles and trends of t-shirt with some cool and smart pants or trousers.   1: Hipster Printed T-shirt   Hipster t-shirts are very much in trend nowadays. With cool prints on the t-shirt, you can actually give that hipster look paired with ripped jeans. Mainly focus on the white, blue or black colors for the...

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The Main Trends and Types of Fashionable Men’s Jackets of Spring 2017

   To meet the Spring in a good mood and new powers, it is extremely important for every modern man to renew his wardrobe and buy some fashionable and trendy jackets of the new season 2017. No matter what kind of style a man prefers in the new season of spring 2017, each of them will be able to find exactly that type of men’s jacket, in which he will have very fashionable, respectable and presentable look. Fashionable Parkas of Casual style   Loose, comfortable, stylish and casual parkas continue to be in a trend of spring 2017. As a rule these jackets have average length, the presence of warm lining and hood, patch pockets, and also gray, sand, yellow,...

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Types and Fashion Trends of Men’s Jeans in 2017

Basic types and fashion trends of casual  men’s jeans in 2017         One of the most universal and basic wardrobe items for both men and women still remain just jeans. However, in order to look fashionable and attractive in all situations it is extremely important to follow all changes in fashion trends. For example, compared to the previous year, in 2017 the fashion of men’s jeans has a little bit changed. But still there are some of the models that are still popular in the new season. Faded male jeans, wide  mens’s lowriders, denim  joggers for sports guys , a big variety of white denim pants for macho, supertrendy men’s jeans with bright patches – all these and many...

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Trendy Stylish Man

To be stylish man - you do not need a lot of effort. Enough to have a couple of basic stuff: casual blue suit jacket and white shirt. Add in this bow business pants and tie or trendy ripped jeans and fashionable leather bracelet.       

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