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New Exciting Menswear Trends For Autumn in last time written by: risikanta While all the ladies are dolling up for every season in the year, men and gents should also not stay away from the action. There are a lot of new trends that are coming up for autumn this year and they are all exciting and refreshing enough in their design and style. So, now that summer is expected to be over the next few months, it is time for you to hit the shopping centre and browse for the new and exciting fashionable wear for men. Here is a better look at all the intriguing stuff coming out this fall.


Cosy Corduroy

Autumn can be a rather chilly time of the year if you happen to be in New York or London. And this gives you the chance to slip into the good old corduroy trousers that you must have forgotten about in the summer. And this is not just about the same brown color but also about new styles and colors. Corduroy is coming these days in exotic colors like deep red, dark grey, olive green and pure black. You can pair your corduroy trousers with leather jackets or even corduroy jackets that will match them in fabric. The new corduroy trousers also come in slim cuts and fits and they can be complimented with similarly slim cut blazers and jackets. A scarf can also add a lot of personality to the whole style. So, this autumn, try out the cosy and snug corduroy and you can look really dapper. 

Camel Clothing

Remember the legendary camel coat that Marlon Brando wore in 'The Last Tango In Paris'? Well, you do not need to put on such heavy jackets yourself. But among the new fashionable wear for men, camel wool is turning out to be quite a rage. And this is recommended especially for all the young dudes. The new camel wool outfits include wonderfully fashionable waistcoats, slim-cut blazers, stylish working jackets and even light and loose trench coats. They all come in different shades as well. You can also pair any of them with white vests, grey polo-neck sweaters or even starchy blue shirts. As for the shoes, you can experiment with both brown loafers or even a pair of classy Oxfords. Camel wool will be one of the many trends for men in autumn this year and make sure that you wear it really stylishly to make an impact. 

The Color Of Moss

Sure, autumn is the time of the year when the trees lose their leaves. But that does not mean that you should not carry some foliage yourself. Moss green is one of the new exciting colors for menswear this year. And you can find it on a dazzling variety of outfits to choose from. There are leather and woollen jackets which will come in a slightly faded color of moss green. There are also vinyl jackets and nylon trousers that come in the same color. To experiment a bit more with this new irresistible color, you can wear any of those bulking jackets with patch pockets. The best part about wearing this color is that it can be perfect for almost all kinds of complexion and skin color. So, this is a further advantage for all men. Try out moss green in both formal and casual clothing.

Orange Overdose

Not so long ago, orange was thought to be only a color for schoolboys. And even today, most people would think that it is only for summer. But the trend now is to make some flashes of orange shine through the normal greys and dark shades worn during fall. For instance, you can wear an orange T-shirt inside a grey woolen jacket. Or you can, for instance, you can wear a dark orange leather jacket and a black T-shirt inside or even a grey sweater. Other than these typical winter styles, you can also pair an orange shirt with a pair of grey or black checked trousers. You can add further flash by wearing orange with either dark blues or browns. Such wonderful tricks with orange will make sure that your autumn becomes rather colourful instead of just grey and drab as it always is. 

Roll-Necks For Collars

As said before, autumns can be half as cold as winters themselves and this means that you need to wrap up yourself warmly and snugly. Among the more exciting and radical fashionable wear for men, there are roll-necks which have become the new collars in sweaters and shirts. The beauty of a roll-neck is that it looks as if you have wrapped up cloth around your neck above your main outfit. That looks incredibly chic and manly. So, you would be lucky to wear a lot of sweaters that come with this new wonderful design tweak. There are also a lot of new waistcoats and silk shirts that have roll-necks for collars. You can pair them with your usual woollen or leather jackets along with some casual trousers or shoes and you can make your whole look very sleek and suave to look at. So, try out the roll-necks this autumn. 

Silk Shirts

For long, silk shirts have always been the ones that cling to your torso tightly and accentuate it with oomph. But this year, they are going to get even groovier than before. The new range of silk shirts boast of great cuts, elaborate designs and versatility and creativity in wearing them. The brighter colored silk shirts come with big lapels and collars that make them very flashy and stylish to say the least. On the other hand, there are also a lot of printed silk shirts out in the market. These come with elaborate and stunning floral and psychedelic prints that will grab all the eyeballs this fall. There are some other silk shirts and vests that also double up as great pairings with your track pants or even as jackets with normal trousers and pants. This is how you can make your silk shirt look attractive and trendy at the same time for this autumn and winter.

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